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Stephen P. Kauffman (“Steve”) is an attorney, CPA, and the founder of The Kauffman Group. Steve attended Loyola College, where he studied accounting, played lacrosse, and partied, not necessarily in that order. After graduating from Loyola with a B.A. in accounting, Steve passed the CPA examination while working full time as an IRS agent. While continuing to work full time as an IRS agent, SPK taught tax, accounting, and business law courses at the university level in the evenings and on weekends. 

After passing the CPA exam, Steve attended the University of Maryland School of Law in the evenings, where he distinguished himself as being one of only two evening students in his year selected as a member of the Editorial Board of the prestigious Maryland Law Review. He was also the recipient of the coveted Morton P. Fisher, Jr. Award for the best work in income tax.

After graduating law school, Steve began his legal career working for a mid-sized Baltimore law firm, where he was given many opportunities to learn about areas of the law other than tax. With his accounting background, representing small to medium-sized businesses was a natural fit. He also sought out opportunities to do litigation and trial work. When and as these opportunities arose, he seized them with a passion. 

Steve stayed with his first law firm for 10 years, 7 years as an associate, and 3 years as a partner, and during this first decade of his professional career, he learned a lot about the law as a profession and as a business. He left to start his own law firm in the mid-1990s, and in 2004 he formed Skeen & Kauffman, LLP (the “Law Firm”) with his friend and law partner, Jim Skeen. Recently, recognizing that many of his clients also needed specialized accounting services, Steve formed Kauffman Kim, LLP (the Accounting Firm”) with his friend and partner, John Kim.

Steve is an AV-rated attorney, which means that he has been recognized by his peers as being among the best attorneys in the country. He has written articles on tax and litigation that have been published in professional journals, spoken to attorneys, accountants and enrolled agents about practicing before the IRS, and continued teaching tax courses, including at the University of Maryland School of Law where he assists with the Low Income Tax Clinic.

Kauffman Group

The Kauffman Group is an affiliation of Steve’s Law Firm and Accounting Firm. The Kauffman Group’s key practice areas are Tax, Business, and Litigation.

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