Most people think of litigation as involving dramatic cross examinations of hostile witnesses or inspiring closing arguments in high-stakes jury trials. While these events sometimes occur, litigation involves a lot more than trial work. It starts with planning to avoid disputes before they even arise, and includes informal negotiations, includes alternatives to litigation, including mediation, and arbitration. Steve has extensive experience in all of these areas, to read Litigation Insights from Steve click here.

Most tax and business lawyers do not litigate cases. It’s not what they do. Steve is an exception to that rule. He has litigated hundreds of cases, many of which were actually tried as opposed to being settled on the courthouse steps. Many attorneys, even those who do nothing but litigation, have little if any experience trying a case to a jury. Steve has tried nearly 20 jury trials. Most of his trial work involves the representation of clients with serious tax issues in the U.S. Tax Court and other federal courts, as well as before state and local courts and boards.

Steve also represents business clients in disputes with co-owners, competitors, vendors, customers, or other third parties. Steve believes that being a trial attorney makes him a better tax and business attorney, while practicing tax and business law makes him a better trial attorney in cases involving tax and business issues.

Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution processes are an alternative to having a court or other institutions determine the resolution of a case. If you are in a dispute with another party, seeking the assistance of a dispute resolution attorney can help resolve the case in a timely manner. Using dispute resolution services provides legal services that are often more financially feasible than the traditional trial process. There are many avenues to dispute resolution in which the attorneys at Kauffman Law assist with, including but not limited to: 

  • Arbitration
  • Case Evaluation
  • Facilitation
  • Litigation
  • Mediation
  • Settlement Conferences
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Mediation and Arbitration

If you are in the midst of a legal struggle with another party and are unable to come to a resolution, consider seeking the help of Kauffman Law. Our team provides both mediation and arbitration services to hasten the court process and ensure that both parties are properly compensated. It is important to note that in mediation, the parties in question reserve the right to make the final decisions in their legal matter, whereas arbitration allows for the legally elected arbitrator to make a decision on behalf of both parties.

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Informal Settlement Negotiations

Informal settlement agreements are alternative agreements that allow two parties to come to a settlement if they both agree to the terms outlined. In this process, the court does not have to accept the terms of the agreement if they deem it unfair. Informal settlement negotiations involve enlisting the help of a legal professional, such as those at Kauffman Law, and both parties agreeing to an agreement that is not subject to revocation.

Litigation in Court

The attorneys at Kauffman Law provide expert litigation services in both trial and appellate courts. If you are involved in a trial court proceeding, be aware that our team has decades of experience in both national and state law, and make it our priority to fight for your rights. Stephen Kauffman has represented a wide variety of clients in over 20 jury trials in his career, using his experience to fight for the rights of each and every individual through thorough research, case analysis and legal expertise.

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